Demystifying Google AdSense: A Beginner's Guide to Monetizing Your Website

A beginner's guide to monetizing your website with Google Adsense

Google AdSense
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Earn from Google Adsense through your site

Earn money from Google Adsense "Do you also want to generate revenue from your website? Certainly, there is no doubt that finding a profitable advertising company is one of the top goals for any website owner. And you have certainly heard about Google AdSense, the giant company in the field of online advertising. It is the suitable company that helps you achieve good financial profits from your website."

In this article, we will delve into the details and provide comprehensive information about one of the largest advertising companies in the world that is making huge profits as compared to other advertising companies. Yes, I will talk about Google AdSense, the giant in the field of online advertising in terms of profits.

What exactly is Adsense?

Before we go into the details of this advertising company, I will give you a summary of what Adsense is and what it is useful for. Adsense is an advertising service that allows publishers who own YouTube sites and channels the opportunity to display ads on their content, whether it is related to sites or channels. If ads are displayed on your site, you will benefit from Generate income through your content through visitors, the more followers and interactors your site has, the more profits you will get.

When you have consistently active visitors on your site, you will generate revenue. And whenever people interact with your content and click on ads, you will benefit from a percentage of profit. CPC may differ from country to country or place to place, as western countries have very high CPC rates in AdSense.

Therefore, many content creators work on this platform, because it is a suitable place for them. AdSense can also be a good opportunity for you, as it can help you achieve a successful future through it.

To become a successful person when creating a site and using the AdSense service for ads, you need to follow some important steps. Applying these steps to your site helps you to get a prestigious rating from AdSense and thus make real money from ads. Here are the steps you should follow:

step1: This is the first step, which Adsense considers to be the most important thing, which is content. You must have unique and high-quality content on your site about others. When you are working on creating any site or thinking that you will have a site one day, you must work on content, which means you must write something useful. On your site, when you will have exclusive content, then more people will come to your site, then you will see profits escalate greatly. For me, this is highly recommended with good, uncopied content.

Step2: You are interested in improving the user experience on your site. What I mean by that is that when someone visits your site, they face several challenges that may affect their experience. Such as the slow loading speed of the site or the difficulty of navigating between pages. Therefore, you must work to overcome these barriers and improve the user experience.

You can start by reading the AdSense policies, where you will find user experience videos. These clips will help you understand how to create a user-friendly site. When a visitor browses your site, the pages should load quickly, and they should be easy to navigate. This will lead to a good user experience.

When you improve the user experience on your site, the AdSense advertiser will be pleased with your site and will rank it among the best. This step is very important to achieve real success with AdSense and generate sustainable profits.

Step3: You should focus on bringing traffic to your site from a variety of sources. Instead of relying on the Google search engine only, it is preferable to have an audience from different social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and you can also take advantage of other sites such as Reddit, which is a powerful platform in bringing followers to your site.

In addition, you should communicate and collaborate with other bloggers who deal with the same topic as your site. You can exchange links with them and encourage users' visits from their sites to your site, and this will help in increasing traffic and enhancing your presence on the Internet. These steps will help you improve user experience and make your site loved by AdSense and ranked among the leading sites.

Step4: You must use Google analytics, as it gives everything in detail about your site in terms of the number of visitors to your site, the country from which a visit came, the type of phone, and everything related to people who are active for me. This is recommended to anyone who has a site to use it because it will help you improve the performance of your site.

Correct way to work on Google Adsense

To work properly on Google Adsense and avoid errors and problems, it requires following four basic steps that I have talked about now. Whether you have an acceptable site or not, following these steps will help you build a successful site. However, there is more information about AdSense that will make you a professional in this field. Therefore, it is necessary that you read the topic completely to get comprehensive and sufficient information. You should read from start to finish to get all the important information.

Advantages of Google Adsense

  • 1-AdSense service provides an easy-to-use and understandable user interface that clearly helps content makers to make the most of the service. Through this interface it provides, you can easily control your account settings. You can customize ad settings and select the right colors and sizes for your site. You can also view detailed reports that give you a comprehensive view of your ad performance and revenue generated.
  • Through this simple and understandable interface, you will be able to manage your account easily and easily. You will have a comfortable and smooth user experience as you can navigate through the options and make the necessary adjustments with ease. Thanks to this user interface, it becomes easy for content creators to take advantage of the capabilities of AdSense and achieve the desired results through the ads displayed on their site.

  • 2-Adsense gives you a list of options for ads that you can display on your site. You can control all ads and provide you with many forms of ads that you want to appear on your site and seem suitable to you, such as image and text ads, and video ads, where you can choose a suitable ad for you.

  • 3-Google Adsense provides strong support and quick response to all users. If you encounter any problem, you can contact the Google AdSense support team by sending a message explaining the type of problem you are facing. The support team will help you and provide the necessary instructions to solve the problem. Having strong technical support is a positive feature for Google AdSense, as it helps improve user experience and provides the necessary support to deal with any challenges that arise.

  • 4-Google AdSense allows you to display ads that are relevant to the content of your website or blog. Thus, if you are targeting an audience interested in the gaming field, Google AdSense will serve gaming-related ads to users who visit your site. Likewise, if you target health, users will see health-related ads.
  • This feature enhances the likelihood of clicking on ads and increasing profits, as the advertisement is relevant to the site's content and visitors' interests. Accurate targeting of ads is an important thing to increase the click-through rate of your site's ads. I consider this an important feature in Google Adsense, as it improves the user experience and increases the chance of success of the displayed ads.

Cons of Google Adsense

  • 1-One of the things that Google AdSense creators fear most is that their account will be closed without the possibility of getting it back. In fact, closing an AdSense account means losing access to the financial revenue generated from ads on the site. What adds to the complexity is that it is not possible to open a new account, as the registration and information related to the previous account remain in the AdSense system for life.

  • 2-One of the most prominent negatives that a content creator can face in Google Adsense is the effect of ads on the site loading speed. When there are a large number of ads on the site, this may lead to increased loading time and a negative impact on users' experience. Considering the fact that slow loading speed can affect user experience and satisfaction, this may cause a website to rank lower in search engine results.
  • It is advised to avoid placing a large number of ads on your site, as it can negatively affect the quality and content of the site that you have carefully built. It is best that you adhere to the Google AdSense policies and place a reasonable number of ads.

  • 3-One of the downsides to the Google AdSense program is the minimum payout, as participants must reach $100 before they can withdraw their money. This requirement can be challenging for beginners who may not make enough returns at the beginning of their participation. Many people who are new to this field need time to build an audience and grow traffic, so it can take them a long time to reach the minimum payout. This may make them feel dissatisfied and reserved about the program at the beginning of their experience.

Note: All of these negatives that I have touched on will not be an obstacle for anyone who works properly and applies Adsense policies correctly. You only have to work on everything I say in order to have a strong site with Adsense and your site is ranked among the first in Google search engines.

Here are other conditions for your site to be accepted by Google adsense 

We have talked about some factors that may help you to accept and have a strong site, and in this text we will talk about all the necessary or remaining conditions for approval of your site in Google Adsense, which you should know.

  • You must be at the required age, which is 18 years old, which means that your site will not be accepted by Adsense if your age is less than the age stated in the Adsense policies.

  • Your site must be at least 3 months old, then you can submit a request in Adsense. These are important conditions that I did not address. You must include them in the Adsense acceptance list.

  • Stay away from illegal or immoral content, as it is difficult to accept, and if it is accepted by mistake, your Adsense account will be closed. You are advised to avoid unwanted content.

How long does it take for adsense to approve your website?

When you will add your site to apply for income from ads, then you will wait for a period not exceeding 24 hours, and it may take up to two to four weeks, depending on the site in terms of topics and in terms of ease of navigation, and in order to ensure acceptance, you must apply everything I said.

How to link your site with Google Adsense

Before I share with you how to link your site to Adsense, you must work to follow all the steps that I spoke about now, and if you have finished them, you must now add your site to the Adsense company, and now I will give you the best explanation on how to link your website with Adsense, just follow the method with me.

Step1: If you have an Adsense account, follow with me an explanation. Log in to your Adsense account, then it will provide you with an interface like this.

Step2: This is the Adsense interface. When you open it, it will appear to you like this. Look at a picture well. You will see an arrow above that box. Click on that box and it will give you many options.

Step3: Here are the options that will appear to you. There is an arrow in box 3, and there you will click on it in order to add your site correctly.

Step4: There is not much left for us to finish. Look at the place where the arrow has an arrow. Click on it and go to your site. Copy the URL link of your site and put it in the field that will appear to you when you enter it. You will remove HTTPS and www. You will only put the name of your site in front of .com in order to complete the steps. required.

Now click on that box below with an arrow on it, after which it will give you another box, click on it, and you will have added your site correctly.

Now you have added your site correctly to Adsense, but Adsense must access your site to review it. Well, you have to go to a list that clicks on the place of ads in order to get a code, and you must enter it inside your site template under the head.

When you enter an advertisement place, this page will appear for you. Look carefully at the place where there is an arrow. There you will find a code.

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