The best free and paid search engine optimization tools


The best free and paid seo tools

SEO tools are an important thing for anyone who has a site, as they will help you a lot to build a successful site, as everyone seeks to reach a wide audience, increase the influx of visitors, and obtain a rating from the first, and in order to obtain satisfactory results in search engines, you will need to use well-known SEO tools.

SEO tools offer a variety of services and features that will help you analyze and improve your site's SEO, achieving the best performance in search engines and providing the best user experience. These tools provide everything you need to search for keywords that you will target on your site, analyze competing sites, and obtain accurate information about your site's speed and any issues that may affect user experience. This means you will be able to enhance user experience, improve your visibility in search results, and benefit from many wonderful features.

In this article, we will go through all the tools that have all the features, including both free and paid SEO tools, that will help you to make your site high on the search engines. These tools will provide you with everything about your site, and you will be able to identify areas that can be improved to increase the chances of your content appearing.

What is seo for websites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a simple and understandable concept that uses several SEO tools you will need to optimize your site to appear in the first position in search engines. Whether it's through other tools or methods related to SEO, its aim is to increase the site's quality, the amount of traffic, and many other things that you can achieve when you use SEO factors regularly and correctly.

SEO depends on the following factors:

The first factor. Keywords: Search for keywords that you will use in your article. In short, you will search for keywords that are targeted and related to the content of your article.

2-backlink: Obtaining a backlink to your site from reliable sources will increase the authority of your site, and it will improve your chances of ranking among the top sites.

3-Benefit from social networking sites: One of the most important things that you must work on is to share your site with people in groups on Facebook or on any other platform such as Twitter, YouTube, and all other well-known places.

There are still many factors related to SEO. If you want to know more about SEO factors, please refer to a previous article on the topic of an  advertising company, AdSense. In this article, we will only talk about the best sites that provide you with SEO tools.

Best free seo tools

It will be an article divided into two parts, free and paid tools. I will now unite on free seo tools, and when I finish the list of free seo tools, we will unite on paid seo tools.

1-google search console

Google search console 

The Google search console tool is a necessary thing, and you must take advantage of it constantly. If you want to have a new site on the Blogger or WordPress platform, you will need to put your site in this tool in order for your site to appear in Google search results.

Where this tool is now considered one of the best free tools that Google offers you to monitor your site in terms of performance, it gives you a schedule of clicks and from which country you receive visits, are there errors in the site and many features that will make you know everything about your site and this tool will help you in improving SEO your location.

2-google trends

If you want to know everything related to the world, the best option is the Google Trends tool, which Google provides for free without the need to register with a Gmail account. In case you want to browse topics, but to take advantage of all the features, you must register with your Gmail account. You can make use of it and search for specific topics online. You can use it to see the traffic for the keywords you want to target, and this tool also gives you information on all countries and even cities. This means that you will be able to improve your site in Google search engines when using the Google Trends tool.

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